Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caution: there are two Gary Blounts in Camden - literally!

A friend called today and said that for the second day in a row, someone asked her what she thought of Gary Blount from the school board running for county commissioner.

Oh, boy, here we go again: shades of the two Larry Johnsons in St.Marys during the elections some four and a half years ago.

Folks, there are two Gary Blounts. One has been with the school system for years. He currently serves as the assistant superintendent. He IS NOT the one running for county commissioner.

The one running for county commissioner for District 4 is Gary Blount, CPA. That Gary Blount has been a practicing CPA in St. Marys since 1986. Back going on seven years ago, near as I recall, he was elected to St.Marys City Council where he served one term before he was voted out of office by a 3- to-1 margin.

That Gary Blount was the chairman of the water and sewer committee when they decided to build the million-gallon-per-day sewage treatment plant - the debt service on which necessitated the recent 35% increase in St. Marys water / sewer rates.

At the time that Gary Blount, himself a real estate developer and builder in addition to his CPA practice, was elected,  it was the practice of the city to collect building and tap fees up front when new subdivisions were platted. Blount succeeded in having that changed so that they were not payable until after the houses were actually built. As a result, we have an inventory of some 7,000 approved lots in St. Marys where the owners have not paid a penny to offset the cost of the new water sewer treatment plant built to accommodate their needs.

After Blount was voted out, the city voted to change that back to the way it was but, unfortunately for water and sewer customers, the 7,000 are grandfathered in. No doubt, some of those owners were and are Blount's accounting clients.

Now do you know which Gary Blount is running?

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