Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thanks for your concern, but it's OK.

Someone recently asked had I considered the fact that if I am elected, the income as a county commissioner - $1,200 and change per month - would  disqualify me from receiving Social Security Disability Income payments of  $1,107.40 per month after they deduct my medicare premium.

Well, yes, I have thought of that. Of course, if I had been hired this year as a teacher at just under $36,000 to start, it would have been a moot point. At this point, given that the hiring freeze it not likely to thaw before school year '11/'12, it is a consideration.

As luck would have it, Social Security recipients can earn up to $980.00 per month with no reduction in SS benefits. It turns out that that is taxable income after deductible expenses.

The county health insurance employee premium is paid with before tax dollars, thus reducing the $1,200 gross. Moreover, I can deduct all out-of-pocket expenses such as mileage. In short, my net taxable will be below the $980.00 limit.

I will not lose my SSDI benefits, thereby making it possible for me to afford to hold office until I'm hired as a teacher.

On a side issue, all of my campaign expenses so far have been paid out of pocket from my remaining Workers' Comp settlement funds.

By the way, I have absolutely no ongoing medical treatment or expense for my GBS. Moroevoer, if I ever did there is a separate fund with ongoing annual annuity payments to cover any such expenses plus the cost of a new wheelchair and van repairs from time-to-time. My disability will not cost the taxpayers a penny beyond my salary.

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